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1) Choose your language and dial the corresponding Toll Free number 


a) If you call from a fix line or a public phone dial 0800 111 350 (for english)


b) If you call from a mobile phone, 
dial 044 560 8 350 (for english)


2) Dial the PIN code or your card (under the scratch-off panel)


3) Dial the number you whish to call


a) To call a national number dial the area code first and then the number
(i.e.  022 796 33 49)

b) If you call an international number dial 00 + country code + area code + the number (i.e.  00 55 61 2263987)


Comfort features :


To dial another number (follow-on call), don't hang-up, just press # # and dial the next number to call

To hear the credit remaining in francs and centimes press * 2

To avoid dialling the PIN code each time you use you card from home, dial the toll free number of the language of you choice, enter the PIN code once and press * 4. The next time you dial the toll free number from this phone, the PIN code is not required anymore.

To remove the PIN code memory, dial the toll free number and press * 5

Our Customer Service is available from Monday to Friday, from 10 to 12 am and 2 to 6 pm under phone number  0848 233 663 or by pressing *1 with your BeeOne telephone card